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Method and examples
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
Value of variables with ',' seperated (if required)
  1. Solve `(2x+8)/(3x+1)+3=(x+4)/(7x+1)+17/4`
  2. Solve `(3x+1)/2-(3x-1)/3=(5(x+2))/6`
  3. Solve `27x^3-6=2`
  4. Solve `20+6b-4/4+7+4b=0`
  5. Solve `x/1+1/x=2`
  6. Simplify `(2x+1)/5+(y^2-1)/6`
  7. Simplify `(3x+1)/5-(3x-1)/3`
  8. Simplify `(2x+8)/(3x+1)+3`
  9. Simplify `4+a^2*3*(x+y)` where `a=4,x=4`
  10. Solve `4+3*(x+y)=0` where `x=4`

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