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Method and examples
Functions - Find Range of f:A->B calculator

1. Find Range of `f:A->B`
f(x) =
A =
  1. `f(x)=5x+2` and `A={1<=x<5; x in N; x is odd}`
  2. `f(x)=3x-2` and `A={x in N}`
  3. `f(x)=|2x+1|` and `A={x in Z}`
  4. `f(x)=x^3` and `A={-2<=x<=2}`
  5. `f(x)=sqrt(x)` and `A={1,4,16,36}`
  6. `f(x)=x^2` and `A={[1,5]}`
  7. `f(x)=(-2)^x` and `A={x in N}`
  8. `f(x)=sin(x)` and `A={0,30,90}`
  9. `f(x)=(x^2+1)/(x+1)` and `A={-2,0,2}`
  10. `f(x)=x^2-2x+3` and `A={-1,3}`

2. Composite functions and Evaluating functions
f(x) =
g(x) =
Evaluate at x =
  1. `f(x)=x-1, g(x)=3x+5`. Find fog(x).
  2. `f(x)=x+3, g(x)=x^2`. Find gof(x).
  3. `f(x)=3x+1, g(x)=-x^2+5`. Find gof(x).
  4. `f(x)=4x+1, g(x)=2x-3`. Find gof(x).Also find gof(2).

3. Find value
f(x) =
g(x) =
  1. `f(x)=x(x+1)(2x+1)`. Find f(x)-f(x-1).
  2. `f(x)=1/(x+1)`. Find f(-x)-f(x).
  3. `f(x)=1/x`. Find f(x+1)-f(x-1).
  4. `f(x)=x^2-x`. Find f(x+1)-f(x).
  5. `f(x)=2x-3`. Find f(0)+f(1)+f(2).
  6. `f(x)=x^2-2^x`. Find f(2)-f(0).
  7. `f(x)=(x^2+1)/(x^3-x+1)`. Find f(1)-f(0).
  8. `f(x)=2x-6`. Find f(a-3)+f(a).
  9. `f(x)=(x-2)^2`. Find f(x+2).


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