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Method and examples
Factoring Polynomials
(with all intermediate solution steps)

1. Taking common
2. Difference of squares
3. Sum and Difference of cubes
4. Whole square of a bionomial
5. Splitting the middle term of a Quadratic Equation
6. Whole square of a trinomial
7. Factorization with the help of factor theorem
8. Cyclic Expressions

Enter polynomial expression
  1. `25x^2-36`
  2. `x^3+27`
  3. `x^3-64y^3`
  4. `x^2+6x+9`
  5. `x^2+10x+24`
  6. `4x^2+y^2+1+4xy+4x+2y`
  7. `x^3-3x^2-6x+8`

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